Keeping a light lit, in memory of my Angel.


Our Amaris Christmas Selection is available in 5 different jar selections:  Glass Black, Iridescent, Platinum, Rose Gold and White Glass pre-filled with one of our favorite Winter Scents.  Customs Pre-Orders are always welcome under our regular candle section.


Bayberry - A spicy & warm aroma, topped w/the tang of fresh cedar


Candycane -  Classic candy cane scent w/sharp & cooling peppermint & a touch of sweet vanilla


Chocolate Covered Cherries -  A delicious scent of ripe, sweet cherries covered in rich dark chocolate 


Christmas Tradition -  A spicy & warm holiday blend of cinnamon, cloves, zesty orange peel & fresh evergreens


Dickens Christmas - A sweet & spicy scent of orange, warm cinnamon, nutmeg & clove tones blended w/a fruity & musky background


Gingerbread - Sweet & spicy scent of fresh baked gingerbread cookies w/molasses & spices


Hollyberry - A perfect holiday scent of cinnamon & clove spices sweetened w/tart berry, hints of vanilla & zesty orange peel


Maple Cookies -  Smells like a true maple syrup - rich, nutty w/a touch of brown sugar


Sugarplum - 


Amaris Christmas Collection